#YAP2018 Countdown: The Reveal

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Introducing… our 2018 YAP Contestants! #YAP2018

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Blank white background stays throughout the entire video.

Black text “INTRODUCING…” pops up on the middle of the screen. “2018 NAD YAP Contestants” appears next. Both texts zoom out.

A pink circle pops in the middle splashes into six photos of contestants. A large circle with an image of Yeh Kim enlarges with text “Yeh Kim” then shrinks. A circle image of Aleksandr Rozentsvit enlarges with text “Aleksandr Rozentsvit” then shrinks. A circle image of Franly Ulerio-Nunez enlarges with text “Franly Ulerio-Nunez” then shrinks. A circle image of Domonic Gordine enlarges with text “Domonic Gordine” then shrinks. A circle image of Sheila Xu with text “Sheila Xu” enlarges then shrinks. A circle image of Mariah Punzalan enlarges with text “Mariah Punzalan” then shrinks. All six circles pops into a moving circle and back into a pink circle in the middle. A pink ball comes up from a thin horizontal black line. The pink bubble splits and splashes into three bubbles, showing the YAP logo.

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