Nursing is one of the most stressing careers that is well known. It is a very sensitive career and involves handling patients even when they’re in their worst condition. So if this is your career you should be ready to offer the best care to strangers who need your help. However, not all nursing jobs are stressful, some are even enjoyable and they include the following.

Travel Nurse

Travel nurse works in the cruise, train or in the airline. They offer services to different people with different cultures as they travel their destination. They examine both the travelers and the staffs by offering them first aid in case of any injuries or illness. They are professional nurses but their job is less stressful compared to those who work at the hospital or other specialties. In case of major health problem they always refer the patient to hospitals where they can get more attention.

School Nurse

A school nurse is also not involved in much stress and pressure. As they only deal with the students and the teachers. They also have to take a three-month break and relax during the school holidays. They administer drugs to their patients as well as attend to their minor injuries.

Nursing Administrator

You can still work in a healthcare facility and still not have much stress as a nurse. By becoming a nursing administrator in the hospital, you won’t deal with the patients directly, but you will direct the other nurses on what to do. NA also can do the patient billing and also organizes the staffs’ records.

Nurse educator

This is another career you can take as a nurse. If you’re a postgraduate or even have masters in nursing, but you don’t want to deal with the patient, you can become a nurse educator. You will be required to train the nurses.   

Medical writer

You can decide to be a medical blogger if you’re a qualified nurse. This kind of a job will have very minimal stress and pressure compared to other nursing specialties. You can also make money as a medical writer freelancer.

Nursing assistants

Nursing assistants give the basic care to the patients. Their jobs are less stressful as compared to other nursing jobs. They simply observe and help the patient in doing basic things such as; feeding, bathing and walking them around as they listen to their concern. However, they give the report about the patient progression to the nurses. Training as a certified nursing assistant also takes less time and you can even do cna training online.

Home health nurse

Some people will employ qualified nurses to work at their homes. Mostly they can be hired to look after an elderly person or an infant. This is also a less stressful field as they mostly offer first aid when required and in case the patient is on under medication they ensure they have their medication on time or even inject them if needed.   

So, the above list is for those who can’t handle the stress in the other specialties such as labor ward, ICU, casualty, and other complicated ward nurses.

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