Coffee Chat with Ray: Tilden Cafe Trolley

Ray is back in another “Coffee Chat with Ray” and meet our new food truck manager!
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Ray: Hello! I know you missed me. Right?

I know I have been missing for the past several months. MIA: Missing iIn Action.

Now I am back. Sorry. Oh, I have been very, very, very busy. Wow!

Many things have come up: The legislative bill, the budget, setting up new programs and businesses.

Oh, there’s been a lot of activity!

Now, I have a bit of down time. Now, I am back! Ready to connect with you again!

I am really excited to talk to you — specifically — about one of our new businesses.

It was a little more complicated to get started than I thought. The researching, analyzing, planning, licensing and certifying process has been a challenge.

This is the food truck business. Wow. It is different than our regular businesses to operate.

I am excited that I recently hired the new manager of the food truck business.

You will meet him soon.

Before meeting him, I need your help with this…

It’s beautiful, right? I feel it is clearly by a Deaf painter.

East Bay Club for the Deaf used to be in Oakland

Unfortunately, they closed but their funding and resources went to the Deaf Community Center (DCC).

I am thankful and relieved that someone kept that history.

This painting has been left in the DCARA offices. In looking at it, I felt some kind of a connection to it.

I am curious who the painter is. I can see the small signature but it is still not clear. We will take a look soon.

The last name of the signature is “Baird”. I am not sure if this is connected to the famous Deaf painter, Chuck Baird.

I feel it is not him. If you don’t mind, I need your help. Please contact me if you know who is the Deaf painter. Or hearing painter, maybe.

Okay. I hope you can help me identify who painted this.

Okay. Now I am going to go and meet the new manager. Join me!

Mark: Hello, hello!

Ray: I am excited to introduce you to Mark Farr, the new manager of the food business here. I will let him talk about who he is.

Mark: Hello, everyone! I am thrilled to be here.

I have been working in the food industry for a while now. Before this, I worked at Mozzeria for almost four years.

Here, I am excited about giving back to the community where I grew up: The Bay Area.

Ray: Have you decided on the name of this business?

Mark: Yes! We have decided to call it Tilden Cafe Trolley. Named after Douglas Tilden.

Ray: Tell me more about Douglas Tilden.

Mark: Douglas Tilden was a famous sculptor whose work is all over the Bay Area — including many in San Francisco.

Douglas Tilden graduated from the California School for the Deaf (CSD) in Berkeley a long time ago, before 1900.

Ray: Where are his sculptures now?

Mark: There are many. There is one in Golden Gate Park. One on Market Street.

And, of course, the one in front of CSD Fremont: Bear Hunt. It’s famous.

Ray: There are more than twelve or thirteen in the Bay Area.

Mark: Yes, all over the Bay Area.

Ray: Wow. He is famous.

What is your vision of the menu? The community is very curious about what kind of food you will have.

Mark: This conversation is making me hungry now. Ray: Me too!

Mark: We will be focusing on breakfast and lunch.

For breakfast, we will have breakfast sandwiches… with waffles. It will be creative!

For lunch, we are focusing on grilled cheese. Selling locally.

Ray: Will you be selling every day? On the weekends? When?

Mark: We will be open Monday through Friday — opening at 6 AM, closing at 2 PM.

That will be the regular schedule. Plus possible special events once a month.

Ray: Great! So when do you think you will be opening?

Mark: Well, there are a lot of things I still need to do. For a start, I still need some equipment for making the food.

I need a refrigerator, a waffle maker and dough mix.

Plus, I need to cement the area where the truck will go. Over there.

There are any things to do. The goal is to open soon this summer.

Ray: You need help from the community? Donations? Money? How much do you think you need in order to start the business?

A lot. Whatever help the community provides us, will allow us to help the community back.

We need to raise about $5,000 to $10,000. The more we raise, the faster we can open.

Ray: As we get closer to the opening, do you have something special planned to celebrate the opening?

Mark: Yes! We will have a VIP event for people who donate. They will get first taste.

We will have a big all-night, all-ASL event with different activities.

Then we will be open for business to the general public.

Ray: Exciting! Look at the trolley. You see blank space? We need to put “Tilden Cafe” there, but that requires money.

I am looking forward to the opening. Coming soon!

Mark: I am ready to get started! We just need the money so we can get going!

Ray: DONATE, so he can get started fast!

Mark: Come on! Do it! Thank you!

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