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[Video description: Light skinned Black young woman with hair pulled into a low ponytail wears large black hoop earings and dark rimmed black glasses translates our #HEARDinfographic visualizing some of our correspondence with #DeafInPrison during February alone.

HEARD Deaf Prison Correspondence

*HEARD created the only national database of imprisoned Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled & Hard of Hearing people.
HEARD collected the information below from our imprisoned Community members during February 2018.

map of the United States with some states white and others states dark gray. Quotes are around the map:


“I have complained about the TTY phone are charging use for calling family & they have videophone but it don’t have for hard of hearing person to communicate best for me. I need CC & voice control to communicate best for my disability.”


“Camera is mess up… I need clear VRS’S picture… Staff are fool and lie or hide problem with me.”


“I feel change me. I don’t know why I feel that? It is very difficult fight that feeling. I wish I could be strong. But I am not. I wish that you there something help me? And the future? I was hope for that… I don’t know that would support me?


“I want to be moved to a different unit because I missed work 10 times, I missed my [spiritual services], I missed 11 breakfasts, I missed 6 lunches, I missed recreation hours, I missed many laundry hours and have bag full of dirty laundry, and whatever they are saying over the inter-coms. I don’t know who to turn this issue to anymore. I am told there’s a TTY in this unit but it is not here!”


“I began to lose my hearing while serving in the military… As a response to my hearing loss, I became (semi) proactive in learning ASL. I say semi proactive as it has been some time since I’ve studied or conversated in it….I’m interested in however you may help me, particularly in advocacy…and any resources that you can please provide to assist me.”

At the bottom are three numbers with a bit of data:

HEARD received 63 contacts from or about deaf imprisoned

Contact came from 11 different states & the District of Columbia.**

More than 68% of all contacts were related to violence & communication deprivation.

**The District of Columbia does not have a prison so imprisoned people from DC are held in federal prisons across the nation.

Support HEARD’s efforts by:

sharing information about deaf imprisoned people at bit.ly/deafprisoninfo

& by donating at www.behearddc.org

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