PARENT #1: We first called our doctor’s office, they told us to go to the county for diagnostics. From there, we were told to contact the hospital for a more intensive hearing screening. That’s also when we were told to contact the county for the IFSP. It was more like once we were informed that she had hearing loss, then we started being given information little by little about what to do next. It slowly became a bigger picture.

PARENT #2: I think a good environment for her to help her learn and grow is to be around people, students that know ASL. And even though she has her cochlear implant, I do prefer her to be around ASL, people that are using sign language in their everyday life, since she is deaf. So I want her to continue to do that and basically just to be around the people that are deaf and so she’ll learn more of her deafness than not.

PARENT #3: I also would also encourage parents to seek out deaf adult role models for their children, to research everything you can on how to raise a deaf child as a psychologically healthy deaf adult. I don’t think you have to choose between ASL and English. I don’t think people should restrict you in that way. I don’t think you have to choose. You have many options available to you. A child can have a cochlear implant and still be fluent in ASL, and still be a part of the deaf community. A child can be bilingual and bi-cultural and be successful in both communities. I don’t let anybody limit what culture or community is available to her, what classes are available to her. I have very high expectations of her and of what I want other people to provide for her.

PARENT #4: Absolutely. At that time, I don’t know if I would have ever been introduced to the school for the deaf if it wasn’t for a teacher of the deaf. And just knowing that there was support for us to learn ASL through the community, story telling support, and it was full immersion for us because we were working with deaf people all the time. And even just having the other parents there that were also hearing that had deaf kids and being able to talk with them and having that support system.

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