Hashtags can generate movements for change to happen. #deaftalent is one example of pushing for greater Deaf representation in the media.

A Deaf filmmaker, Jules Dameron, explains more on her reasoning behind the #deaftalent movement.

This is only one of the movements, including #POCDeafTalent, #latinxdeaftalent, #blackdeaftalent and many more! Do you know of any other movements?

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Transcript with Image & Video Descriptions-

Video description | A female (Jules) with blonde long length hair wearing black and grey striped long sleeve shirt, silver necklace and turquoise ring on middle finger. She is standing against a black and red painted square brick wall.

Jules: In the last few years, you may have seen the hashtag #deaftalent. You probably have wondered how it really started?

Image description | An close-up portrait image of Jules in a jean jacket with feathered earrings and lipstick. Graphics of “THIS IS JULES” in green and white bold text show up on the screen.

Image description | “A DIRECTOR, ACTOR, AND WRITER” graphics in white and green bold text appears on an image of Jules with a man in a floral shirt and a jean jacket against a white and turquoise background with shadows.

Image/Video description | A series of images/videos of Jules in action of directing.

Image description | Logo appears with black text of “DIRECTOR & ACTOR & WRITER JULES DAMERON FILM/STAGE” with pink S15 graphics of Jules’ name against a white background.

Image Description | A group shot of different Deaf talent making goofy faces. “BUT FIRST, WHAT IS #DEAFTALENT?” in bold green and white font appears on screen.

Video description | Jules against a black and orange circular designs painted background.

Jules: It’s a movement to push for Deaf representation in the entertainment industry for directors, writers, and actors..

Image Description | Jules is director with a camera and a crew member in a park with an actor sitting on the bench. “WHY?” in white bold text graphic appears on the screen.

Video description | Jules is against a black and orange background with patterns.

Jules: The entertainment industry continuously hires hearing when a deaf would be a better fit. For anything to change, we need documented things like articles, blogs, vlogs and make movies out there to change their awareness.

Image description | Jules wearing a floral shirt with a cast behind her. Jules is holding her hand up showing the cast mixed of different women and men. “POWER OF RECOGNITION” appear on the screen in white and green bold text.

Video description | Jules against a grey painted squared brick background with a little bit of orange.

Jules: Being visible and to increase visibility is by showing up. The power is in the numbers of people showing up.

Image Description | A picture of a crew filming a scene in a white car. A male cameraman is holding the camera closely on the windshield while leaning on the hood of the car and Jules is leaning on the hood of the car next to him. “IN 2015, THE HASHTAG GOT MORE ATTENTION” appear on the screen in white and green bold text.

Jules: Before on Twitter, we started on a rant against a film, Medeas, where the hearing actor took a leading Deaf role. That representation of Deaf people was not accurate.

Image description | Picture of Jules in a pink leather jacket and a black hat on the right of the frame supporting a cameraman with the camera filming a scene of a man in glasses staring at the camera. “THE HASHTAG NOW…” appears in white and green bold text.

Jules: It has become a resource for anyone out there. Anyone from actors, directors, writers… Anything to find Deaf people through that hashtag.

Image description | Jules in a green jacket and pink headphones on her neck is kneeling next to a porcelain white bathtub with an actress in it. Lights are set-up in the background with a man walking behind the scene. “MANY MORE MOVEMENTS” appears in white and green bold text.

Jules: Also, there is more inclusion of different groups. For example, #latinxdeaftalent, and #blackdeaftalent. We have those… but also know there’s more out there. You know more? Share with us!

Image/Video Description: Jules Dameron logo pops up and video scrolls down to show Convo’s Deaf Ecosystem Directory on a phone. Then a finger presses the Ecosystem Maps to show the map of the US with different pins dropped. Then the finger presses the home button on the phone to show the Convo app icon. Phone slides out from the bottom of the screen and switches to a white background with the black text of “DEAF ECOSYSTEM IN YOUR POCKET”. Next image pops up is a green background with Convo logo in the middle with a smaller set of text: “Partnership with The Daily Moth logo” popping up in the bottom.

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