Sean Berdy confesses on Instagram that he’s battling Bipolar

Sean Berdy took to Instagram that he’s been battling with Bipolar since he was eleven years old. Sean Berdy is well-known all over the world for his role in The Sandlot 2, but most recently, for his role as Emmett in ABC Family’s drama called, “Switched at Birth”. 

Sean writes, “To my fellow fans, I’ve been away. I want to share with you that I have been battling with bipolar for many years, since I was eleven years old. I may look like the happiest and silliest man on earth, but that is an artist’s art of hiding. I have been hiding for so long and I’m done with it because I know when I share – I will receive more support.”

There are many different levels of bipolar disorder as well as bipolar depression. Bipolar is a very treatable illness, however, it is known that it can cause extreme changes in mood, thought, energy and behavior. Not only that, but these changes in mood can last a long time (hours, days, weeks, and even months). Bipolar disorder affect more than two million adults in America. For more information, check out Bipolar Magazine “What is Bipolar?“.

It seams that Sean will be taking a long break before he will come back to the screen and will be exploring the world during this time, he writes, “Life is large, and so is our planet. We are tiny human beings walking on it. When we close our eyes in the darkness of the night and breathe the cold crisp air into our lungs, inside we open our eyes to seeing the stars. The sound of cars driving by in the distance, birds chirping and ocean waves crashing dance in our ears. In the moment of pure silence we hear our heartbeat. The sign that we’re alive and the reason to live.”


We wish you the best in your pursuit of your health and hope to see you back on the screen sooner than later!

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