ASL March 2018 Deaf Prison Correspondence (with captions)

March #HEARDInfographic

HEARD’s latest #infographic summarizes our March #DeafInPrison correspondence #Disabled/#DDBDDHH imprisoned Community members.

Here is the interactive version of this #infographic:

In the interactive version, you can hover over the states, you can see the number of contacts HEARD received from each state.

END #MassIncarceration

[Video Description: Light skinned Black young woman signing translation for the following informtion:

Infographic with the following words and images:

HEARD Deaf Prison Correspondence

*HEARD created the only national database of imprisoned Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled & Hard of Hearing people.
HEARD collected the information below from our imprisoned Community members during March 2018.

map of the United States with some states white and others states dark gray. Quotes are around the map:


“There is only 1 VP available for 14 deaf users with 40 minutes call time limit as opposed to hearing having 60 phones available at all times for them to access.”

(Community member)

“I wanna share some happy news with you. [Imprisoned person]c alled me while I was at [a school for deaf]. I was able to show him to some people he knew before & he was happy to see old faces & hear what people are up to…”


“I am better now but my emotion is drive me crazy… I do not know what to do? …I will ask someone for help for this. I do not want got psychology
or Chaplin. I don’t know this spiritual guide help me?? I get frustration this work. I need to get out there before I get blow up. GGGGRRRRR….”


“i don’t want you misunderstand my
note not skill write then I favor always talk with my sign language than write get my face need your face will understanding better than problem of my write different that liitle frustrate with you get hard my time for you. i love you peace got
happy not sad for heart open understnad what going on it….thank you. respectful. I hope you help me?”


“i tried of my teacher don’t have sign language and she very little know different sign stupid language…and no spell for class GED i want leave of GED class have reason no sign…she say matter must go class GED if not go class she will write up MISS time get go SHU mean HOLE. i want get ADA to her get paper show to boss no class GED good reason soon go home…”


“Prior to my arrest I’d met some great deaf & hard of hearing people who’d encouraged me to learn ASL. Unfortunately the resources to continue aren’t available here…I’ve met several deaf people who were
regularly denied interpreters& abused by staff for
not immediately
complying with verbalized orders. I have & do speak out when these things happen, but that’s only part of the solution. I want to be prepared to help…”

At the bottom are three numbers with data:

HEARD received 115 contacts from or about deaf imprisoned

Contact came from 17 different states & the District of Columbia.**

More than 74% of all contacts were related to violence & communication deprivation.

**The District of Columbia does not have a prison so imprisoned people from DC are held in federal prisons across the nation.

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