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We’re doing #OurDeafCommunity differently this time. It takes inspiration AND action to make a difference.

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For awhile, Convo has built relationships with the community. Part of this process was making films. These films documented and proudly showcased our communities. We spotlighted specific locations: Austin, Rochester, and New England. Now next?

[SOCAL STORIES with a Cause]

Southern California is next. You notice something different this time? SoCal Stories with a Cause. Why?

Really, we’ve noticed there is one problem. Film alone was not enough. Yes, film did bring people together. We watched, we laughed together, cried together, and then after the film, we’d leave and the feeling faded. People asked us, what can I do? They want to do more. We realized, we must tie inspiration WITH action.

We have 15 inspirational stories to share with you.

(airplane landing)

…moved West just out of curiosity…
…sunny and warm…
…the land of dreams…
…people’s lives change in this town everyday…
…knew I struggled…
…going through hardships…
…growing up here was tough…
…trying to prove people wrong…
…life has many different roads…
If you don’t try, how will you know?
The number one dream… is finding HOME.
People finally understood me.
Yes, this is my home.
Everyone has their own story. This is mine.

And we have 5 amazing causes!

With the funding, we will expand with more campers which will mean a stronger community paving the way with young, diverse leaders.

Deaf West wants to set-up funds to support deaf artists and put more Deaf talent out there.

Immigration program. Our goal is to increase and grow their knowledge about the immigration system.

To promote and encourage the kids to understand and embrace their identities as KODAs. For the Deaf parents, to give them resources and support. At the same time, to celebrate their KODA blended family.

Familia Summit. Families get together to meet because there’s a disconnect between Spanish-speaking families and their DEaf, DEafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing children.

Come take action! Convo will match EACH of your high-fives with a $5 donation! Starting Monday August 13 to Friday August 17, you can high-five any cause. We will donate $5. It’s up to you to choose any of 5 causes. Once your choose and high-five, we’ll donate to the cause. Remember, you can choose any cause each day.

How to high-five? It’s simple. Just go to

On Saturday August 18, we will host an event in Los Angeles, California. At the event, we will announce how much we raised and release the 15 stories. You can’t come to the event? Don’t worry, we will live stream the event.

Are you ready to make a difference?


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