Hello, I am Molly O’Hara. I am a member of the Deaf Community here in Missouri. I am proud of that and the fact that I get to interact with everyone in the community. I am happy to announce that a new law was just passed and put into effect, the driver’s license bill that changes the code from J88 to DHH. That is an optional change. For J88, we’ve noticed that officers look at this code and not completely understood what it meant, whether it be good, bad, or something in between. It seemed that they had some confusion on this. We wanted to make sure that this was easier to understand, so we changed that code to DHH, so it is clear that this stands for Deaf/hard of hearing. You don’t have to use this if you feel it is a risk to your personal health or security. You don’t have to put this on your license, it is completely optional. You don’t need any papers to prove you are Deaf/HH. You can just go into your local DMV and let them know that you are Deaf/HH and that you want this notation on your license and they will put it on there for you. If you want more information, I recommend you reach out to MCDHH or go to their website, or you can also contact the Department of Revenue. I will be there on the first day, August 24th. I am very excited about this change.

Contact information:
Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
(573) 526-5205

Missouri Department of Revenue
Driver License Bureau
Truman State Office Building
301 West High Street, Room 470
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 526-2407

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