Ready to be Heard

Hey everyone! I am Amanda McDonough and I am the author of “Ready to be Heard: How I Lost My Hearing and Found My Voice.” It is really the story of my journey to find myself, to find my identity, to accept who I am, and to finally be ready to show that to the world. I wrote this book in the hopes that it would help other people who have barriers or obstacles in their lives that they need to overcome. I hope that it will inspire you, motivate you, or at least make you feel like you are not alone. We all have struggles. This book is for everyone. Whether you are male, female, young, older, Deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing there is something in this book that you can connect with. Because, I wrote it as honestly and as humanly as I could possibly write it. I really kind of just opened up my chest, took out my heart, and said “Here.” So, thank you so much for watching this video and to learn more about the book go ahead and go to .
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