“Mom would always caution us to be careful. We realized we were supposed to live our lives in fear.”

Get inspired and take action. High-five for a cause from 08.13.2018 to 08.17.2018 at convorelay.com!

See Ian Guzman & Omar Guzman’s full story on 08.18.2018 at convorelay.com. #OurDeafCommunity

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Ian, a brown-skinned male on the left is wearing a gray t-shirt under a denim buttoned shirt. He has short light brown hair and wears a tortoise colored specs. Omar, a brown-skinned male on the right is wearing a blue t-shirt with a navy dress shirt unbuttoned. He has a red hat on backward with square brown glasses. Both of them sports a beard and are seated in front of a sofa and bookshelves behind them.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I went to Marlton School to teach how to design logos. It was when I realized the majority of students were Mexicans. I felt connected to them. I could tell they connected with me and felt motivated. Aha. That was when I realized, these Mexican students need more Mexican Deaf role models. Once they see we can, that means they can, too.

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