“Through trial and error of living here with a dream, you must develop a thick skin.”

Get inspired and take action. High-five for a cause from 08.13.2018 to 08.17.2018 at convorelay.com!

See Igor Djenge & Shaheem Royal Sanchez’s full story on 08.18.2018 at convorelay.com. #OurDeafCommunity

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Igor, (on left) a white male with blond teased up hair, wearing a black hoodie with a blue denim jacket. Shaheem, (on right) a black male with black hair tied up into a top bun, wearing a black hoodie and a black leather bomber jacket. They both are sitting with a large red futon behind them.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: You go through trial and error of living here. Many people cannot handle it and leave. As they move and go through trial and error and leave. You must develop a thick skin to survive the back-stabbing, and the pulling you down. This is Hollywood. There is so much competition out here. To succeed, people will step over each other to reach to their dreams.

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