“Home is in the Deaf community, it doesn’t matter where.”

Get inspired and take action. High-five for a cause from 08.13.2018 to 08.17.2018 at convorelay.com!

See John & Lauren Maucere’s full story on 08.18.2018 at convorelay.com. #OurDeafCommunity

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: A couple seated in a living room with a fireplace and bookshelves behind them. Lauren, a white woman, wearing navy and black lace top with a black cardigan. She has aburn, wavy long hair. John, a white male, wearing a black buttoned dress shirt. He has dark short hair and frameless glasses.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I was chosen to be on the stage. I was so enamored. When I performed, it was so awesome. When I saw how the audience responded to me, that was it. I got the taste of it and knew my calling. I wanted more of it.

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