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We’re excited to release our new ASL Voter Assistance Hotline! The idea was originally developed by Jehanne McCullough and the goal behind the hotline is to provide resources on the voting process. Volunteers will be standing by to answer any questions you have about voting. We encourage you to vote in the upcoming election, you can use our hotline to get more information if needed! If you care about your rights and want to support/be against certain issues, make an impact by voting for candidates who will support your positions/issues.

Bottom line: register and vote!

Explore: https://www.nad.org/asl-voter-hotline/

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Lizzie Sorkin is standing inside the NAD Headquarters lobby. The NAD logo appears on bottom right corner as a watermark.

LIZZIE: Voting can be extremely complicated. Each state has various deadlines on when to register, and they each have different ways to register. It’s overwhelming to figure out what the process looks like. We understand. To address this, we’re excited to launch our new ASL Voter Assistance Hotline. That’s right, a hotline available in ASL! We have volunteers standing by ready to answer any questions you have about voting: the process, how to register, when the registration deadline is, how to vote, and more. You’ll receive answers in ASL, how cool is that.

Video fades to a soft white background with several different font types showing “NAD” very quickly. Copyright video ends with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered. Blue text below the logo appears, “The National Association of the Deaf / (copyright) 2018 All Rights Reserved / www.nad.org”; a yellow highlight of the URL appears at the end.

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