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Why is it important to be a registered voter when we contact our Senators and Representatives? #AskHoward

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Howard A. Rosenblum is sitting at his desk. The NAD logo appears on bottom right corner as a watermark.

HOWARD: Are you ready to vote? Before you can vote, you must register first. If you’re not sure, you can check. Every state has different requirements. Most states require people to go to the local DMV where we tend to go for vehicle registration. You can tell the DMV you want to become a registered voter. Again, some states vary on how to register — I encourage you to check your state requirements. Keep in mind, you need to ensure your mailing address is current every time you move so that your voting registration remains current. If you registered a long time ago and haven’t voted since, you need to check with your state to see if your voting registration is still good. It is important to register and vote because Senators and Representatives will listen to us. If we vote for the right person that supports our rights then they will make decisions that align with what we want. At the same time, they do not always know what we want. This requires us to meet with them, email them, contact them, let them know what our issues are. They will listen to us only if we are registered voters. They will check if we are registered to vote otherwise they don’t want to waste their time with you. It is important that we all register because there’s more power in numbers. Deaf and hard of hearing people can push for an important issue and tell them what we want, if we are registered voters. So, in closing, it is important to register and vote.

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