DCARA is hosting a town hall at Deaf Community Center (DCC) to discuss the future of DCC. It will be held on November 10th, 2018 from 1-3pm. See you there! #dcaracares


This is DCC – Deaf Community Center.
What should we do with it?
I will show you what it looks like now
so that you can get an idea what our
future plan should be.
We want you to get involved
and make a decision for us!

Take a quick look…
There’s more outside…

This is our “house” which used
to be our bookstore
And then we switched it into Admin office
Now we can’t use it due to asbestos,
outdated electricity…
Our roof needs work
so we have been neglecting it
Now we have been using it as our storage
We need to do something about it
Around the corner is our parking lot

Come and join us!

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