In Memoriam: “Eagle and Squirrel” by Bernard Bragg – Convo

For most of the world, thought is expressed in a linear sentence. Word followed by word until a complete picture is created. For some of us, however, a full picture can happen in an instant–a perfect symphony of the face, the hands, the body. Bernard Bragg was one who danced with this concept and fathered what is known as “visual vernacular”, a form of expression relying heavily on body movements, classifiers, gestures, and facial expressions.

Bernard made a permanent impact on Deaf performing arts and we will forever carry his influence with us at Convo, where we see a three-dimensional language as a gift to humanity. As a tribute, we would like to share the never-seen clip of a visual vernacular story by the legendary Bernard Bragg, in his last months.

In loving memory of Bernard Bragg, September 27, 1928–October 29, 2018.

Image description: A white male with light brown hair wearing square specs sitting in a taupe leather recliner chair. He is wearing a purple-pink dress shirt with suspenders. Behind him is a living room, the video shows him performing without words. In between, shows clips of him through time performing in different scenarios.

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