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Remember Alan Sussman, professor of psychology from 1988 DPN? He was the one who discussed “plantation mentality”

What does it mean “plantation mentality” in English?

An organization or society in divided into a ruling elite and a class of workers treated as inferior, especially along racial lines.

‘Plantation Mentality’ is noun.

An organization that divided Deaf community into a ruling elite is AGBell ruling elite and treating Deaf children as inferior—hearing privileges in order. It demands a change for the power, a transition from AGBell denial of ASL, to listening and speaking. It is the most invisible language. Audism. Hearing privileges. Forever.

‘Plantation Mentality’ is noun.

That’s where we should all be worried about. Deaf people like us should not be struck with “plantation mentality”. There is a quote I think of all the time and want to share:

“Two elephants fight, therefore, the grass itself suffers”

Who was the biggest elephant in the room? Why should Deaf children continue to suffer?

Years ago, I took course called “Revolution and Radical Social Change”, and a book the class requirement to read that I had been greatly influenced, “Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution” by John Holloway needs to be seen and why we need to stand up and resist AGBell in solidarity.

-Jason “JT” Tozier, November 25, 2018.

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