Open Video for Julie Rems Smario

Written English Transcript:

Dear Julie Rems Smario,

This video does not have intention to belittle or attack at all. It’s open honesty. This video for Julie Rems Smario.

You said that you were a survivor of “AGBell’s ideology.” Deeply inside, you are not exactly honest with yourself. You only want the fame. You are a Public Relations Director for LEAD-K—I understood what it was to be like Public Relations Director myself and I do not like it at all. It’s dangerous job.

Partnering up with AGBell was a huge blow. We need to be aware that state of being Deaf is a biological condition that makes life, language, and leisure so human that each Deaf person know which mode of communication is best because of a lifetime struggle that their being Deaf is important.

I have to thank my mentor, Carl Schroeder who taught me very well.

You knew that AGBell was about organizing principle of power where culture, for example, Deaf culture can be studied through technologies of power—taking away progress, education, conflict, struggle and resistance. YOU KNEW!

Modes of communication: Cued Speech, Oralism, Listening and Speaking, and Cochlear Implants. It is difficult to give an exactly figure of the number of Deaf people and languages that exist in the world, because it is not always easy to define who, not what, a Deaf human being is and what a language is. All form of modes of communication? It is also difficult to define which form of communication is best and effective.

No, Deaf people do not need all languages and all forms of modes of communications. Do not push Deaf children too hard with “modes of communication”—ASL is the most complexly intelligent and powerful language we the Deaf have.

Disenchanted with the past history yet fearful of our future, we the Deaf appear struck in today’s leadership with LEAD-K and AGBell, where a mood of sadness and low expectations influence our discussion and discourses on many fronts—where the state of being Deaf continues to be seen as the problem rather than the challenge.


-Jason “JT” Tozier

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