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What’s the difference between the midterm elections and the Presidential elections? ASL Talent Brenda Falgier explains! This video is the first of a new series: Government Explained in ASL available at www.nad.org/government-explained-in-asl/. #Midterms2018

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: ASL Talent Brenda Falgier is standing in front of a grey wall. The NAD logo appears on bottom right corner as a watermark.

ASL TALENT: I want to grab this opportunity to reach out to everyone across social media regarding the importance of November 6th that is the day of the Midterm Elections that take place two years after the presidential elections. The presidential elections typically receive higher voting turnouts while the midterm elections often receive low voting turnouts, but these elections are extremely crucial that we, as voters, should participate in the same way we do for the presidential elections. Remember, our government is divided into three branches with different responsibilities: We have Judicial, Executive (the President), and Legislative (Congress) that we will be voting for… The Congress is composed of the House of Representatives and Senate. That set up is to ensure that no one person can take over the whole power in the government. The members of Congress are elected to represent you and me in the government proceedings. We want to elect someone who shares our issues and values to represent us and serve for us on the government floor. If I decided to skip voting in the midterm elections, and instead only vote in the presidential elections… People from a different party may vote in the midterm elections. This will result in elected officials to run the government, but they may have different goals and values. As a result, they may not really represent us. When we express our concerns to our elected representatives, they may just thank us without taking action. They will always support their constituents who voted for them. That is why it is crucial to vote in the midterm elections to elect someone that will represent me, you, US. It also isn’t true if you think your one vote wouldn’t make a difference. What if other people think the same as you, this could lead to voter apathy! We cannot let this happen! We must engage in the elections and vote! By voting, we participate in our own democracy. Thus, this November 6th is our opportunity! Let’s bring a higher voter turn out and make a difference in our government! So, have you registered? Go register and vote.

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