Meet the new Convo for iOS. It’s not just an update, it’s a completely new experience. Watch Wayne highlight a few of the new features!

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TRANSCRIPT: Today, you see the new Convo app. It is not a mere improvement or just an upgrade. We started all over again. We disassembled the app altogether and the first question we asked was, “what is the first thing you see when you open our app?”

0:210:21o do you want to call? Does that mean you need to memorize the person’s full name? The entire phone number? Maybe in the past but definitely not nowadays. What do we tend to do? We try to recollect the person by references. Uhh.. do you remember that person who is short… from California. The southern California area has the area code of…. 818. Aha! Now, you can call!

If0:49 don’t know the number or the name, and you can’t remember…. It begins with J….. J something…. J- A? J-A-Q? Uhhh… J-A-C. Aha, that’s it! Now, you can call.

Some of you wri1:05own a name but may not recall who that person is. For example, do you know the name of your dentist? No? Same here! You can enter a name, and then add a tag. You can add one tag or multiple tags. You can enter anything! It can even be your neighbor whose nephew’s friend comes to cut your grass.

Now you can conne1:28o a hearing person by calling through our Video Interpreters. After you’re done chatting, maybe you’re ready to end the conversation, but not ready to hang up entirely. Often when we click the hang up button, it means to hang up completely, but what if you want to make just one more call? With the same interpreter? How? Wait for the hearing person you’re currently on a call with to hang up, or ask the interpreter to interrupt and hang up, but to please stay on for more calls? No, that’s not intuitive. We designed a way for YOU to be able to make those decisions.

When I’m connected to a h1:57ng person through a Video Interpreter, and I don’t have any more calls to make, I can hang up completely by swiping all the way down. Now, if I want to hang up on THIS conversation, but keep the same Video Interpreter, I can just swipe halfway (see image). The interpreter will still be on with you for your next call!

Now, what if my next call is 2:20 someone that I chatted with yesterday? I know it’s in my call history. But I want to go into my call history and get the number? But if I go into my call history, I would have to hang up completely and lose the interpreter? I don’t want that! Normally, we’d have to ask the interpreter to please wait a minute while we go into different apps looking for the number, and THEN click on the number to make a call. Really? Do we really want to do that, go through a huge workaround to get the number? How can we just ask the Video Interpreter to wait and then quickly hand over the number?

NOW, you can simply just tell the V2:52 Interpreter to wait, and then simply tap on the call history button, click on it, and scroll through your old conversations, and recall the person you talked to yesterday, and then click, call!

Now you’re all done with your call3:02nd you hang up. You put the mobile phone back into your pocket. You know, life is unpredictable. You can’t always plan everything. Sometimes an emergency comes up and leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, especially if it’s a life and death matter where you have to think quick! How can you pick up your phone and clearly, easily connect to 911?

When emergency strikes, we don’t need to 3:25e time thinking of entering the numbers 9, 1, 1 … there needs to be a button ready for us to click. Now, there is! You just see the 911 button and click it. Now, if you mistakenly click 911, we will double check that you really do want to call 911. When the paramedics arrive, the 911 operators usually hang up. How will you continue to communicate with the police, hospital, emergency medical team (EMT)? Having no communication can leave you feeling lost. Don’t worry, with us, our Video Interpreters will stay with you even after you disconnect with the 911 operators. We will STAY with you all the way, making sure you are safe.

This is the new Convo app, built and designed s3:59fically to fit YOU!
It’s YOUR call.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A white male wearing a gray buttoned shirt standing in front of a living space with bricks and windows behind him. Images of the new Convo app appears on his right to show the features.

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