After watching a video where a high school wrestling referee in New Jersey made a wrestler choose between cutting his dreadlocks or forfeiting his match.


Wrestling is important part of life. Yes, wrestling is the oldest sport, and wrestling requires leadership, confidence, strength, and respect. Those are important quality and that makes a good wrestler and a champion. I’ve wrestled many years, I miss wrestling, and it was my first labor of love because of discipline.

What happened in New Jersey, high school wrestling tournament—see the picture. That picture makes my stomach knots tight. Why? What happened was a white referee ordered that wrestler either his dreadlocks cut or forfeit the match meaning it would hurt the team points.

In this gym where the wrestling tournament held, bystanders struck in white system. It calls for white wash, white silence, and that hurts a lot. If I were a wrestler facing my opponent like this wrestler and see something like that, I’d forfeit right away because RACISM is not to be tolerated. I never see something like this before in my life. It is not acceptable. Racism often in sports is worst thing to see like this.

Why? Cut the chase and cover up Racism, because it is all right to whitewash, white guilt, white silence, all that kind of systematic oppression needs to be stopped. Plato, a philosopher was a wrestler, and he became a champion couple of times. Why? He knew “respect” and that is how a champion strives all because of respect.

That person who is a wrestler in that video, he won the match—although, it was overtime match. I cannot imagine what he was going through by dealing with emotions, racism, having his dreadlocks cut, felt violated—his hair was important enough to warrant sacred. The culture and life would be lost, but that wrestler did not give up and thought positive and he won. That is called RESPECT.

That makes a CHAMPION.

-Jason “JT” Tozier

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