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Let’s reflect some American history. When I took one of college English class years ago, there was a great debate about Thomas Paine’s Common Sense where he was advocating for an American independence. Why am I bringing it up?

Today, January 10, 1776: The book was published. Six months before 4th of July. 40 years later, Laurent Clerc arrived on America’s mainland. 149 years later, William C. Stokoe coined American Sign Language known as ASL.

ASL had been advocating for an American independence of languages for the Deaf. Why? Cued Speech is not an American independence. Oralism is not an American independence. Cochlear Implant is not an American independence. Why? It is not an American value.

It brings the false security by using propaganda, fear, and ASL-haters to convince followers to go along with their plans to abolish ASL in the best interest of Cued Speech, Oralism, and Cochlear Implant. They want to make ASL fearful and became vulnerable with no money—as we know money is power that we in the Deaf community MUST claim to define our language and culture.

ASL is an American value and a central to the life of Deaf community for emotional intelligence. Without Laurent Clerc’s mission for better Deaf life, ASL would not be the same. That’s common sense. ASL already proved research that ASL is the best language to learn.


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