Conrad Baer: Hello! My name is Conrad Baer!

Albert Blake: Hello! My name is Albert Blake! I am so excited to announce that Conrad and I will be biking across America starting June 8th! We will be going east to west, starting in Yorktown, VA, and ending in Oregon! I am so excited to go!

CB: We aren’t just going to be biking! At the same time, we will be raising funds to support the needs of Deaf children. That’s why we decided that all proceeds from our fundraising ride will go to the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC).

AB: When I think of ASDC, I think about their love to give back to the Deaf community. ASDC is the perfect organization, with so many ideas and ways to support Deaf children.This trip will be an awesome opportunity to raise funds for this organization and give them 100% of the proceeds that we raise!

CB: Why did we choose ASDC? We sat down and thought about what we wanted the money that we were raising from our bike trip to go towards. We thought about Deaf children with language rights, accessibility needs, and so much more. ASDC’s vision and their program offerings matched our goal perfectly. We felt it was a perfect collaboration to work with.

AB: Are you ready to follow us?!

CB: Are you ready to follow us?!


Facebook: Baer & Blake Across America
Instagram: @BBikeUSA
Twitter: @BBikeUSA

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