[COMMUNITY EVENT] DCARA and Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates are co-hosting a series of #blackhistorymonth events at the Deaf Community center in San Leandro. We will kick off on Feb 1st with an event called an open stage (aka open mic for hearing) event where anybody who wants to perform on stage can do so. The MC for the event will be our local gem, Chris Joseph. The event begins at 7pm with $5 cover charge (kids under age 5 free). Feb 2nd, we will have Black Deaf Expo with various booths, entertainment, and children activities from 10-4pm. Finally, there will be a one-man show by a well-known artist, Christoper Smith, on Feb 16th from 6-8pm. More info to follow but at the meantime, contact Ruan Poindexter if you have any questions.


Both: Hello! Hello…
Ruan: (Let’s do it at the same time). Hell… *ahem*
Ann: Nope… Nope…
Both: HELLO!
Ann: I’m Ann Lynn (AL)
Ruan: I’m Ruan (sign name)
Ann: We are here to share such exciting news!
Ruan: We are hosting Black History Month events!
Ann: Our first event is on Friday, February 1st, 7-10pm
Ruan: What’s more, we also have another event on Saturday, Feb 2nd!
Ann: On Friday night, we’re having an open stage for anyone who wants to perform on stage. If you feel you want to express your art – be it through dancing, storytelling, etc… I know y’all got skills that you’ve been hiding from us! Come on now!
Ruan: Come on!
Ann: There is no admission fee — oh, no.
Ann: There will be $5 admission fee for Friday and Saturday events.
Ruan: For 5 year old and younger, the admission is free. On Saturday, we will have a Black Deaf Expo. This means we will have booths. If you are interested in having a booth, you may contact me. It’s only $20! Grab that deal!
Both: Are you ready? See you there!
Ruan: (I need a do-over!)
Both: Come on over! See you there!
Ann: (Man, that was awkward!) (Are you ready?) (Oh, I’m so sorry! I messed up!) *giggling*
Both: (I’m not surprised… )

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