We’re looking for someone who enjoys working with a fast-paced team, leaders, and is savvy with money! #NADYLC2019

APPLY TODAY: www.nad.org/youth/youth-leadership-camp/ylc-staff-information/

VIDEO DESC: Jimel is standing against a dark background. There is a NAD logo watermark on the bottom right corner. Jimel: Hello! Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) is looking for a new business manager. Business Manager’s duties include driving, picking up mail, picking up guest presenters, buying supplies and items we need for camp, and many more! Among these duties, the business manager will work with the Administration team and will make important and tough decisions for the best of the camp. This position, Business Manager, greatly supports the Administration team by working behind-the-scenes to help this camp operate smoothly. I hope that you will consider applying soon! Thank you.
Video fades to NAD logo in different colors.

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