Government shutdown still continue, longest in history, when it will end, we don’t know.
I want to grab this opportunity to inform federal workers impacted by this shutdown that you are eligible for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

UI FAQ link is available below where you can click and read for more information.
Go to “What do they need to do to get UI benefits?”

If your employer haven’t provided you a form, you can grab this opportunity at this link to download form, DE 1101BD. Fill it out and submit it and UI claim may take 14 to 21 days to process.

I also want to advise you of two things: If you stopped working or your working hours were reduced, both with no pay but you earned something else on the side, you are required to report your earnings. Also if you finally receive back pay, it is possible UI Dept will mail you a letter of overpayment.

If you still feel unsure about this and needing more assistance, feel free to contact your nearest DCARA-EDD office, DCARA Employment Specialists there are willing to assist you. Five available offices are at San Francisco, Oakland, Concord, Fremont, and North San Jose.
San Francisco (415) 255-5867 VP /
Oakland (510) 394-1846 VP /
Concord (925) 246-5978 VP /
Fremont (510) 371-0036 VP /
San Jose (408) 426-5049 VP /

I hope this information provides you some kind of monetary assistance for the time being until the government shutdown finally reopens, you’d get back to work and deserve your pay and everything’s back to normal.

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