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Watch in high-definition. Captions not provided but look below for general description. The performance took place on January 26, 2019, at the Deaf Meets Def Poetry Jam in Loving Cup.

Image description: Karina Baker, wearing a black shirt and jeans, is standing next to Eric Epstein, wearing a purple shirt and khaki pants. The stage is curtained with two lights above. Eric is pointing “YOU” while Karina grabs his hand.

Filming credit: Alina Kenina

Translation credit: Cindy Gilchrist

“You and Me”
By Eric Epstein and Karina Baker
Translated by Cindy Gilchrist

The young man with tousled hair and freckled face
Walks into the woods, with his broken heart.
Trees surround him and clouds drift above.
O! My heart! It hurts!
“Excuse Me”, said a sun who had quietly appeared beside him, “Hello”.
“OH! You startled me! Wait!!! The sun can talk?”
“Yes we can, but first tell me, Who are You?”
Why, I’m Eric. I’m just me…
“And who am I”, the sun asked.
Well, you’re… a sun…
“No”, replied the sun, “I Am You!”
You are me? That’s impossible!
“Exactly So.”
The sun smiled, and sparkled with radiating light.
And in that moment of connection, the young man’s heart cracked open, just a tiny bit, but beautiful light shone forth.
Surprised, he faltered at the sudden brilliance.
He wondered— “It’s impossible; what if I’M a tree??”—and swiftly passed out!
The tree returned and woke him.
Trees can talk??
“Yes, I can.”
But the light…You’re as bright as the Sun! And yet, you don’t look like the Sun…?
“How one looks is not what matters”, told him.
No, Wait! Really!! Who Are You??
And again, the tree said, “I AM YOU”.
But how do you know?
“The key,” said the tree, “Is your Heart. You must open your Heart.”
He tried it; it budged – is this what you mean?
“Yes, I am the same as you, there. In your heart.”
And in that moment of effort, the tree in his Heart took root, and grew.
The new revelation was confusing at first. Was he the same, at his core, as everything he saw?
Just then a dog snuffled close by,
Is that You the same as I?
“Arf Arf” said the dog, and…
We are here to tell you all, We are as one. Answer the call!

[Call and Response with Audience. I am You, You are Me]

And when in life you hit a wall,
Break Through, Don’t stop, answer the call!

[Audience Participation]

With your Light, you break through, every block, every wall.
It’s Your Heart’s Life-Force that answers the call.

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