Gallaudet (in Washington D.C., USA) is the only university for the Deaf in the world, but there are some large Deaf programs at other schools around the world as well. One of them is called Tianjin University for the Deaf 聋人工学院 in Tianjin, China. It’s a large program that is based on the same campus of Tianjin University of Technology.

In this video, not only you’ll see my experience of visiting this college but local Deaf Chinese people share their experiences of being in college.

Reminder: This video is NOT to criticize China. If you feel that this seemed negative, it is how the Hearing world (referring to those who are not Deaf or Hard of Hearing) perceive us and aren’t generally aware and educated about our community. This doesn’t only occur in China but in the USA, Europe, etc. as well.

NOTE: There are different sign languages around the world.

CSL: Chinese Sign Language
ASL: American Sign Language

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