Sarah: Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m an outreach specialist with MNCDHH, working towards Lobby Day! Hmm, where are we? We are in front of the SOB, also known as the State Office Building. We will have Lobby Day here at the Capitol but we encourage the community to come and enter here at the SOB. If you ride Metro Mobility (MM), there is a cul de sac where you can be dropped off. Take a look!
Sarah: Once you get dropped off there, you will walk this short pathway to these doors. Here you will see volunteers and SSPs waiting to help guide you! So come on in!
Sarah: Now we have entered the State Office Building (SOB). You will walk straight ahead for a bit. You will see stairs to go down to the tunnel (which leads to the Capitol). There are also elevators to go down if needed.
Sarah: Here are the elevators…. For the stairs, keep walking down the hallway. Again, we will have volunteers and SSPs to help guide you.
Sarah: This is the stairway that you want that will lead you to the tunnel that leads to the Capitol. Now, before we go down, you can see we are on the 1st floor. We want to go down to level G (Ground). You will notice that when you walk through to the Capitol, G level is now labeled B (Basement). Ok, let’s go!
Sarah: Now you will see the sign for G level! Don’t keep going down! Go through this doorway to reach the tunnel.
Sarah: We are now entering the tunnel that leads to the Capitol. You can see the sign above me. Please don’t worry about being lost or confused. We will have plenty of volunteers and SSPs placed along the way. Once in this tunnel, you will have no choice but to keep walking forward. See how far you’ll get to walk! It’s good exercise, especially in the winter! See, you really can’t be lost once you come here – you just keep going straight. More signs!
Sarah: Be sure to pace yourself as you go up this part. Take your time – we will soon arrive! More information!
Sarah: If you need to sit and rest, there’s a place here too!
Sarah: They just remodeled this area two years ago. It looks great! Take a left… then a right! Then down this hall….
Emory: Hello there! I’m Emory K. Dively. I’m standing here in front of Room B 015. Also known as the Vault. This is where we will congregate. If you are lost, there will be volunteers here out front to help guide you in. Do you remember in years past, we would have you register, check in, etc? It will all happen in this room now. Everything will happen right here, such as registration, legislation workshops, meeting your interpreters… everything! Come on in and check it out.
Emory: Notice how everyone is in a group, having a discussion? This is how legislation works. We will do something similar to this. If you’re feeling hungry, there’s a place to eat around the corner from here.
Emory: You can’t get lost… all you do is walk straight down this hall. Easy, right?
Emory: Oh! What’s the time now? (Checks his phone) It’s time to go up and get ready for the rally and presentations! Don’t wait until 1 pm to go up. It’s better to go at 12:45 pm. The chairs are reserved for DeafBlind consumers, presenters, and award giving. So where do you go? You should grab a place to circle the rotunda on several different levels. Remember, if you have a disability or if going upstairs is hard, there are elevators nearby. See?
Emory: Now, we are going to get some exercise and walk up. This is exciting!
Emory: Remember, if you wait until 1 pm to arrive, it will be full and you will be trying to see past crowds of people! Arrive early! Either doorway is fine… (Points to signage) See the G meaning Ground floor? This means we need to keep going up the stairs! Again, either way around. Security is really friendly and helpful here. Paintings of famous people. (Points to signage) First floor! (Points to the Capitol Rotunda) The rotunda is right through here.
Emory: Remember, don’t come at 1 pm. Come earlier! See where there is more opportunity for you to stand and watch the proceedings.
Emory: I will see you here!! Before 1 pm!
Emory: I’m standing on the first floor of the rotunda. We do have a second and third floor. Take a look.
Emory: Come with me and I’ll show you one more place you need to know.
Emory: Notice the big sign saying “Information & Tours.” This is right next to the rotunda. This is where you will take a guided tour around the Capitol. You can’t sign up for tours last minute! I suggest you register online ahead of time. If you choose to take a tour, you’ll learn about history and see the renovations made here. I won’t tell you much – you will need to come and see for yourself and take the tour after the rally!
[The camera fades out and the credits appear. “The Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, Deafblind & Hard of Hearing thanks: Mark Zangara for voiceover, Keystone Interpreting Solutions for film production.”]

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