Brick City News Season 3 Episode 13

Video Description:
Meeya Tjiang and Rydrea Walker stand in front of a blue background. In the background there are two large cubes, reminiscent of the split cube sculpture that greets visitors to NTID’s LBJ Hall. Meeya stands on the left side of the screen. Her dark hair is straight and hangs past her shoulders. She is wearing a gray t-shirt. Rydrea stands on the right side of the screen. He has short, dark hair and glasses. He is wearing a black polo shirt.

Meeya and Rydrea are back to let the NTID community know about all of the fun events and important opportunities coming up in the next few weeks.

Links mentioned in the video:

“Shining a Light on the Past and Looking toward the Future.”

Dyer accepting submissions for a new exhibit opening in September:

NTID’s Performing Arts program is holding a production of August Wilson’s “Fences” from April 11-14.


Assistance during the graduation ceremony, e-mail Lin Hoke in the President’s Office ASAP:

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