DCARA is seeking experienced Family Mentors around the Bay Area and North Coast to provide family-centered, culturally and linguistically based, home visit services as part of the Family Connections program that works with families (deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, and hearing) and their children (deaf or hearing) to ensure age-appropriate language development and access to needed resources.

Janele Alarcon: I have been working as a Deaf Mentor
Malage LeBlanc: I work as a Deaf Mentor
J: I grew up with a non-deaf family and I had no access to sign language. This is why, as a Deaf Mentor, I want to provide exposure as a Deaf role model. I help families stimulate language acquisition and to provide related resources.
M: I learned sign language when I was 3 years old after being enrolled in a mainstream school. I had a teacher who could sign along with my Deaf peers. After that, I got transferred to
California School for the Deaf. I had a Deaf teacher who provided me a direct instruction.
J: I had to teach myself how to sign. I learned how to get myself exposed to Deaf Culture by researching…
M: We strive to provide resources on what’s best for that child. Here are some of the job requirements:
J: Experience in working with age 0-8. Fluent in American Sign Language, and Willing to travel locally.
M: Professional and diplomatic. Knowledgeable about Deaf Culture & community. Flexible hours.
J: Deaf Mentor job is contractual under DCARA Family Services

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