Don’t wait for someone else to respond to a bill, it starts with you. #tiptuesday #NADlegislativetip

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Kim is standing in the NAD Headquarters lobby. The NAD logo is at the upper right corner.

“LEGISLATIVE TIPS” appears in white text inside a blue border box, “WITH KIM” is a transparent text inside a small white box.

KIM: Many people tell me they’re not involved in politics, that they don’t meet with legislators and they feel awkward or they don’t know what to do. They just leave it up to other people to take care of it.

A freeze frame of Kim signing ‘them’ in pixelated blue overlay and gray background. Below Kim’s hands are black text “IT STARTS WITH YOU” in white banner.

KIM: This isn’t true. You can do it because if nobody approaches them with oppositions or support to the bills legislators propose, the bill will affect your life, your job and all the little things we take for granted. If we ignore it, they can proceed quickly before we realize we don’t want it. We can look for other people who have same values and discuss together how to respond. If you’re not sure what to do, contact your state association or the NAD. We provide support and help on what to do so you can proceed with confidence when you contact your legislators. Otherwise, they will run with the bill we may not want to become law and we will be affected.

Video cuts to grey background with the NAD logo quickly changing in different bright colors from teal to white to black to hot pink to green to orange to teal to yellow to purple to finally the official NAD logo with copyright text underneath “The National Association of the Deaf (c) 2019 All Rights Reserved”.]

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