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Deaf Actor, Author, and Speaker Amanda McDonough talks about her diminishing eyesight and how representation in the media helps her realize that no matter what happens with her sight in the future, everything will be ok!
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Hey everyone! I am Amanda McDonough and I am a Deaf actor, author, and inspirational speaker. And today I’m gonna be talking
about something that I have never talked
about in a video before. I don’t even
talk about it a lot in my book: My
experience with diminishing eyesight. I
started noticing that my vision was
getting blurry
and it was becoming more difficult for
me to see the whiteboard in class when I
was in about middle school. So, I got
my first pair of glasses. And as I’ve
gotten older and grown up every single
year my eyesight becomes worse and worse and worse.
Right now I am at the point where I
can’t really function without my glasses
or contacts. As a person who is deaf, I
mean, I depend on my eyes a lot for
everything really:
lip-reading, seeing sign language,
reading body language, text messages,
videophone, conversations, everything.
I really depend on my eyesight and so
having my vision continue to diminish um
is definitely something that I am
currently like struggling with but not
afraid of. Why? Because of amazing women like Helen Keller, Haben Girma, and now
Rebecca Alexander. I know that whatever
my future holds it’s going to be bright.
This is why representation in media is
so so important! This is why I do what I do.
This is why I am a writer, and a motivational speaker, and an actor. These are not easy
paths, especially for a “disabled” woman, but they’re important.
They say “be the person
you needed when you were younger.” Well, I needed strong, powerful, differently abled
bodied women to shine in the mainstream media.
I needed to be able to see that no
matter what my future I had in store for
me I could be successful.
That my future wasn’t gonna be limited to a stereotype.
You can do anything!
I am living proof.

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