Tension is starting to rise with the latest response from Deaf Counseling and Referral Agency (DCARA) toward the DCARA Board with the staff listing demands for the entire DCARA Board to resign if their demands are not met. It all started with a video that President Judy Gough posted on Facebook that made accusatory remarks towards Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates (BABDA) President Sam Holden on February 22, 2019. That video has been deleted since many members in the community informed President Judy Gough that it was inappropriate.

DCARA called out by BABDA

To make matters worse, a BABDA board member called out DCARA Board in a video asking why DCARA President Raymond Rodgers was suspended without informing the community. (That video has been deleted as well). The Deaf Report reported on March 7, 2019, DCARA management team lead by Rosa Lee Timm, addressed the community on DCARA facebook page in a video stating, “they are unaware of why their executive director has been placed on paid leave and are unsure of how long he will be on leave”.

Later in the evening, Tom Murillo, Vice President of DCARA, released a video addressing the community concerns stating, “Board is acting in good faith and has hired an investigator to get the facts so we can have better understanding of the truth”.

DCARA staff demands Board Resignation

Yesterday, the entire DCARA staff posted a video of their own calling our for the Board resignation and reinstatement of Executive Director Raymond Rodgers.

Their demands are:
A public apology to the Deaf Black man and his minor child by March 1
Immediate resignation by Judy Gough
A public statement of apology by DCARA’s Board by March 1
A public apology by Raymond Rodgers, DCARA’s executive director for lack of timely action by March 1
A written policy of zero tolerance for the abuse of power and privilege by March 8
The resignation of the entire board if the above demands are not met

DCARA board members have “engaged an investigator and because of legal limitations, they are unable to respond to any community questions or concerns related to a personnel matter.”

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Thomsen Young

Founder of SG