This Spider Can’t, But You Can!

The NTID Student Congress Assembly needs you! Pick up your election packet from Matt Welstad ( in the NSC office (Student Development Center, room 1431) and complete it by THIS Friday, March 8. You will be our Speaker and Vice Speaker for next year who are responsible for running the weekly NTID Student Congress (NSC) assembly.

Image description: Many people are sitting and standing in a room. They are signing, “Sign up!”

Video description: A young woman wearing an RIT shirt walks around in the Student Development Center looking for people. She says, “Where are all the people?” Another young woman wearing black enters from the left and says, “I know. We need leaders for next year.” The camera cuts to two people clapping to a third person’s drumming: “NSC Assembly needs you! For what?” A young woman wearing a gray shirt on the left says, “Speaker.” A young man wearing a black shirt on the right says, “Vice Speaker.” The camera cuts to a young woman holding a huge spider behind an eagle statue. She puts down the spider and says, “The eagle and the spider want to run for Speaker and Vice Speaker, but they can’t because you have to be human beings, RIT/NTID students, and be in good academic standing.” The camera cuts to a young man standing in front of a colorful door. He says, “Are you interested in being an NSC leader? Pick up your packet now by seeing me in the NSC office (55-1431).” He points to the room number and the door opens from the inside as three people step outside saying, “We found you!” He says, “Great!” The camera cuts to a young man standing in a cart in the tunnel. He says, “Apply now.” The camera cuts to a panoramic zoom of people in a room jumping and screaming, “Sign up now!” The speaker and vice speaker from the earlier drumming appear again, saying, “Apply now!” The camera cuts to people playing video games, and one young man opens a cabinet where a young woman crawls out and says, “Stop with the phones! Apply now! Go!” The camera cuts to two young women from the beginning of the video as one tells the other: “We need to confirm someone this Friday.” The other young woman says, “Friday?!?” Both of them then point to the camera saying, “You!” The camera cuts to the end credit that says: “NTID Student Congress Assembly / YOU! – Speaker / AND YOU TOO! – Vice Speaker / Matt Welstad – Election Chairperson.”

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