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I specialize in appeals and writs – actually criminal appeals. I’m with the prosecution, not the defense. When a person is found guilty of a felony —felonies which are, by the way, what we handle—and appeals for a new trial, it’s my job is to oppose the appeal. I write the brief after researching legal facts and file with the appellate court who then reviews and decides whether the appellant needs to stay in prison or is entitled to a new trial. It depends on a variety of factors.

At Gallaudet, my major was English which is applicable to law school because in law you’re required to read in depth, think things through carefully and read a lot of fine print. It requires a lot of patience to study and understand legal writing.

What I cherish most about Gallaudet is not only the experience it gave me during a fixed period in time, but Gallaudet has continued to give me a sense of place, helped me understand who I am. It’s also about the people I hung out with and networked with.

Gallaudet has provided me and many others the opportunity to feel like we can really make a difference. That’s carried over for me. People interested in law typically want to make a difference. I developed a strong sense of that at Gallaudet.

Gallaudet is in Washington, D.C., and it’s the ideal place for developing an interest in, and respect and love for the law.

Voiceover interpreter: Paul Harrelson

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