On April 12, 2019, the legislature reached its third deadline for bills to be heard. MNCDHH has good news to report; all of the bills that we took the lead on advanced to the next level. The DeafBlind Intervenor bill is on its way to final passage. The remaining 6 bills are in omnibus bills, which is a large bill that includes many different bills that were heard and passed out of a committee. These 6 bills are either in the House omnibus bill only, or the Senate omnibus bill only, or they are in both bills. All will be part of the conference committee and could still get passed so we are hopeful.

The bills led by others, and MNCDHH supports, have similar status as MNCDHH’s bills. They have passed out of committee, either through the House, the Senate, or both, and will move on to the next step.

Only one bill did not make it through, the hearing aid insurance bill.

Next we will share specific updates for each bill.

[For the full transcript, please visit http://mn.gov/deaf-commission/news/index.jsp?id=1063-382745]

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