Videography: Bilal Chinoy
Video Editor: Teresa Ezzell
Motion Graphics: Bilal Chinoy
Translation/Captions: Teresa Ezzell
Talent Coordination: Darrius Doe

Neha Balachandran
When I enrolled at Gallaudet as a freshman, I didn’t know sign language, but throughout my four years, I’ve picked up more on the language and learned about the Deaf culture and my identity. Gallaudet has been a tremendous influence on me. I’ve learned so much here.

Chukwudi Kalu
My most memorable times here at Gallaudet have been the deeply engaging discussions with my friends and roommates, which have been enlightening and unforgettable.

Carey Ballard
Gallaudet University is not only a university but also a hub for the deaf community with experiences that will be difficult to replicate outside the campus. I will definitely miss Gallaudet.

Yunhe Bai
I will miss ASL, Deaf culture, and the deaf community here at Gallaudet University. After graduation, I’d like to share everything I’ve learned at Gallaudet with the world.

Brooke Roberts
When I enrolled at Gallaudet, I first identified myself as a hearing person. I now identify myself as hard of hearing after meeting others with similar experiences. I’ve truly found my community.

Colin Denny
I’ll miss meeting people from all over the country and getting their perspectives other than mine about their beliefs on race and diversity. That’s what makes Gallaudet unique.

Sheilyn de la Cruz
I’ll miss the interactions and networking with my peers, the full [communication] access inside and outside the classroom, and Washington, D.C.’s lifestyle and the many events throughout the city.

Carol “CJ” Hirsch
It’s a small community here, which means deeper and closer relationships with the people in this community. These same kinds of connections will be harder to find elsewhere. Only at Gallaudet will you get that.

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