DCARA Board today publicly apologies to the DCARA Staff after 84 days. During this time, the DCARA Staff has been unwilling to cooperate with the DCARA Board until they get a public apology and resign. Since then, DCARA Staff has restricted DCARA Board access to all social media, website and all forms of communication with their members.

Two weeks ago, the Board sat down with Raymond Rogers to figure out a compromise; both parties were unable to find a compromise and Raymond Rogers has been replaced by an interim Executive Director Brian Lucas. Brian used to be a law student and a graduate student at Gallaudet University. He is also a member of the National Black Deaf Advocates. It’s interesting to note that Brian Lucas does not have any experience at all related to being an Executive Director. DCARA Board just announced that Brian Lucas has resigned from this position.

Brian Lucas Resigned after confrontation with DCARA Staff

DCARA Staff, during their protest, refused to follow their policies in their employment handbook which required the staff to wait until the investigation is completed before starting a protest. They also refused to cooperate with the Board regarding any updates, announcements, and communication with DCARA members by restricting their access. In fact, DCARA Board is in the process of separating their Board page since DCARA Staff refusing to work and/or update their page. DCARA Board also had to create a new Facebook page called, “DCARA Accountability” since DCARA Staff, again, refuses to allow the Board to post on the official DCARA page. DCARA Staff is also controlling DCARA Board official email access, so the Board has limited official access to communication with each other since the protest.

Will the Board Resign?

DCARA Board has not announced if they will resign and/or reinstate Raymond Rogers as Executive Director.

Since the investigation completed two weeks ago, DCARA Staff has put their protest on hold. However, in recent with more information, DCARA Staff has gathered a petition with over 210 signatures.

Silent Grapevine has contacted Tom Murillo, Interim President of DCARA Board, Steve Longo, previous President of DCARA and Dave Martin, but did not reply back.

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Thomsen Young

Founder of SG