Signing Time! Live at NTID

Video Description:
Highlights of the live Signing Time! concert featuring Rachel and Leah Coleman.
Rachel has long, straight, brown hair. She is wearing jeans and a bright yellow jacket with orange accents. Leah Coleman has short brown hair. She is wearing a purple sweater over a light-colored button-up shirt. Hopkins the Frog, a large green mascot also performs. Shots of the performance are intercut with video of children and families watching, interacting and enjoying the show. Rachel, Leah and Hopkins meet and take pictures with families outside of the theater after the event.

Rachel Coleman, RIT/NTID parent and star of the popular PBS and video series “Signing Time!,” presented a live concert to a sold-out crowd of children and families in the college’s Panara Theatre May 3. Leah Coleman, who is graduating from RIT’s Industrial Design program, also appeared in the concert, that teaches sign language through movement and song.

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