In Guangzhou, China, there is a bakery full of staff who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. And the pastries are DELICIOUS. Some are on the mission to become a successful pastry/bakery chef or dream to own a bakery business one day. Creating spaces for Deaf workers, or any other people with disabilities, has a variety of impacts – so if you are in Guangzhou, stop by this bakery!

It is located at AnHua Hui mall in Guangzhou, China. According to their facebook, the address is: Room 120, Guangzhou Book Center, 123, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong, China

Thank you, Daniel Quan (a local Deaf Chinese) who introduced me to this place and translating from CSL to International Sign! This video also features Jason Hoang, who is another Deaf content creator! He’s active on Facebook:

Silent Cake facebook:
However, it is likely that they’re more active on WeChat & Weibo than Facebook.

VOLUNTEERS: If you can translate this to any other written language (for closed captions), please feel free! I’d love Spanish, Chinese (traditional or simplified), Hindi, etc.

*Sorry for the terrible lighting! It’s too yellowish and as the lens changes its focus, the light changes. This was filmed almost a year ago; therefore, I’ve been learning more about lighting skills. Feel free to comment some tips!!


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Note: Icon images & a professional photo of all Deaf employees are NOT my own.

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