Did Joseph Biden Mock ASL?

Written English Transcript:

Joseph Biden is a candidate for United States President.

In 2008, it was phenomenal energy on election night after Barack Obama was elected. History making will be always special. Obama was only second United States President in history that he knows United States Constitution by heart.

We need more presidents like Obama. He taught Constitutional Law at University of Chicago. Again, we need more like him.

Fast forward. Election day 2016. Trump was elected. Hate crime pummels more than ever in history. We will remain vigilant as ever. Hate crime is not an American value. Hate crime does not belong anywhere.

Biden was chosen as vice president. He taught under Obama’s leadership for eight years. Appreciating United States Constitution. Values, language, cultural appreciation, human rights, in one place. That is democracy.

(Hint–ASL is protected by the United States Constitution: First Amendment)

Why this video needs to be seen? You need to find this video on YouTube where Biden was mocking ASL community yourself. Decide for yourself if Biden mocks ASL community or not.

I look at this way. Yes. Language hegemony. Why? Social Satire. Right front of very large audience. Biden was mocking ASL community where he was making fun of a sign language interpreter in Virginia back in 2012 front of thousands and thousands of people in audience, and nationally viewed from televisions and he never apologized about that either.

In Biden’s words: “…you’re going to have trouble translating all this because the poor relation she’s going to have tendonitis by the time she finishes…”

Do you find humor in this? In fact, ASL is more powerful ever than imagined.

Do you remember Obama flashing, “I LOVE YOU” ASL front of Biden? Would Biden mock Obama for using ASL? Would he mock ASL community front of Obama?

Will strongest among Deaf community vote for Biden and question his credibility and support for ASL community? We need a real president. No bias towards ASL.


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