If you are a state association or a local organization, you CAN select a youth representative to compete at the next NAD YAP Competition in Chicago! Here’s how: www.nad.org/yap-faqs/ #NADYAP #NADYAP2020

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Chanel is standing in front of a black background. Bright blue “YAP” and bright pink “101” floats down to the center of the screen, below it in white text “ — STATE/ORGANIZATION GUIDELINES —”. The NAD logo is on the bottom left corner. The text floats upwards as Chanel begins signing.

CHANEL: Do you represent a state association or an organization? We encourage you to start thinking and planning on choosing a youth representative to represent your organization or association. This youth representative can be a part of the NAD’s YAP competition next year at the NAD biennial conference. The youth representative will be able to represent your organization or state association in front of an audience. For more information and details, we have a guideline ready for you! Please contact YAP at NADYAP@NAD.org and we’ll send it to you!

Video cuts to grey background with the NAD logo quickly changing in different bright colors from teal to white to black to hot pink to green to orange to teal to yellow to purple to finally the official NAD logo with copyright text underneath “The National Association of the Deaf (c) 2019 All Rights Reserved”.]

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