Cayman: The Meetup

This is the Chronicles of The Deaf Wanderer going through the Cayman Islands in Caribbean.

What has drawn the American tourists and other worldwide travelers to one of the pristine islands in the world? What is so amazing about one of the tiniest islands in the Caribbean? What is so fascinating about this most popular stop for many cruise lines? Is it the world famous island with its diverse and international restaurants and the bustling attractions? Is there something unique about how cars are drove on this island? Does Hell really exist here on Grand Cayman? Is it true that people can hide their money in the bank system here? What?s the big deal about its beaches with pristine blue waters and its wildlife? Are there plenty of rum here for everyone? What else can we learn about the diverse culture and its history here?

These are the questions Chris Haulmark is trying to answer with these videos.

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(Note: the audio in this following have been removed due to Hearing children, who may be able to hear the profanity language beyond the creator’s control.)

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Chris Haulmark has been a world traveler since March, 2015 and have already seen at least 27 countries to the date of this vlog. He has created video clips since the beginning and is just emerging as a new social media force to expose the perspective, that he sees through his Deaf eyes, to the public. He hopes to inspire the future Deaf travelers to see the wonderful and exciting world outside of their home countries. He also hopes to prove that a Deaf traveler can be as independent as any other travelers. His videos are to show everyone how it’s possible. All content, being posted here, are created and owned by Chris Haulmark unless otherwise stated in the content or the attached description. Visit The Deaf Wanderer Facebook page to see much more older and archived videos and other content.

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