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I want to share a short summary from the article of what happened this weekend in Houston, Texas where it says no one in the neighborhood opened the door when ICE came.

Last Monday morning, a girl named Kaylin Garica, she was sitting in her car near her family’s apartment and she saw four ICE agents walk by. They were knocking on apartment doors. She took a picture of ICE agents with her phone and posted it on her Facebook page and notified some of her neighbors that ICE agents are around. One of her neighbors saw her Facebook post, the family locked and slide the chain closed on their door. When ICE agents showed up and knocked on their door, the family – an undocumented Honduran man and his wife, along with their American-born children and another realtive kept silent and never opened their door. After about a minute or two, ICE agents left. The family was relieved. Kaylin Garica said she was not scared for herself but she’s scared for her neighbors. She hoped nobody opened the door.

So just remember that you don’t have to open the door for ICE or communicate with them at all. Stay safe.

Four tweets from National Immigration Law Center @NILC on Twitter are shown:

If ICE comes to your door, you DO NOT have to open it. To be allowed to enter your home, ICE MUST have a warrant signed by a judge. To be valid, the warrant must have your correct name & address on it. If an ICE agent wants to show you a warrant, they can slide it under the door.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS THREAD: We all have certain basic rights, no matter who’s president. Protect yourself & your community. Here’s a card that you can hand to ICE and law enforcement officers. The card is also available in several other languages, here:

Here’s an example of a Judicial warrant, in the first image (LEFT), which is signed by a judge. The second image (RIGHT) is an administrative warrant signed by an ICE agent, which is NOT a legal basis for an ICE official to enter your home.

You have the right to speak to an attorney before you sign or respond to anything. If you, or a loved one, are told by ICE to sign a document, don’t sign unless you’re 100% sure you understand it.

The information in this video is not legal advice. Please contact an immigration attorney for legal advice.

HEARD is a volunteer dependent organization that works to end abuse and incarceration of deaf and disabled people.

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