Deaf community in Myanmar (Burma)!

Myanmar is one of the countries that I haven’t really heard much about the Deaf communities there. So, I met with some Deaf Burmese there who kindly share about what they’re experiencing! I think it’s just really amazing to learn more stories of diverse Deaf communities across our huge world. *closed captions & transcription will be up soon*

I’m also so thankful for these young amazing men for sharing this out to the world and meeting up with me on such short notice. You can also check out Myanmar Deaf Chefs on Facebook who was mentioned in my video.

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It’s not just my goal to meet the Deaf community in each country, but it is something that I only want to naturally develop a connection with Deaf people around the world, from all different walks of life. China is one of them that I’ve recently had the privilege to visit and would visit again!

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