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A message from us to you on this beautiful sunny day 🌞 at Pickwick Gardens, where the flowers 🌻 are blooming and the butterflies 🦋 are fluttering.

Learn more about our 50th Anniversary Luncheon at gladinc.org/fifty or buy your ticket now directly at givebox.com/517739. #50YearsOfGLAD

[Video description & transcript:

(Video begins with a close-up shot of a rose bush. In the upper left corner is the GLAD logo accompanied with the words “50th Anniversary Luncheon,” both in gold. Video blurs out to show Maggie (M) walking up to Talia (T), who is sitting at a rock structure surrounded by trees.)

M: Hi!
T: Hey! Whats up?
M: Have you purchased your ticket for October 12?
T: What’s happening?
M: GLAD is celebrating the 50 years since the organization was founded in 1969.
(In the top left corner, a yellow box with “1969” in black font appears. The years tick past, stopping at “2019” when M finishes talking.)
M: Ever since, GLAD has provided many services that benefit the deaf community. So it’s important to look back and celebrate those 50 years!
T: That’s cool! Wait a minute, it’s here right?
M: Right here at the Pickwick Gardens in Burbank.
(Text on top of screen reads “Pickwick Gardens 1001 Riverside Dr Burbank, CA 91506”)
T: Wow what a beautiful location!
M: You know, we hosted our 25th anniversary here too!
T: So awesome.
(Video blurs out. Rolling shot of the scenery at Pickwick gardens, then camera pans to an open door showing the inside of the ballroom. Camera zooms in on the ceiling lights, then zooms out to show another shot of the room, then the camera sweeps right to show T and M sitting under a chandelier in front of a gold wall.)
T: Wow! How much is the ticket?
M: It’s $75 from now until September 30, then it will go up to $85.
(Text on top of screen reads “Tickets until Sept 30: $75. After Sept 30: $85”)
There will be a buffet too.
T: I’d be happy to pay for it, but how?
M: You can go online at givebox.com/517739 or fifty.gladinc.org then you’re all set!
(Text on top of screen lists “*givebox.com/517739 *gladinc.org/fifty”)
T: What if I want to write a check instead?
M: You can do that too! Just drop it off at our front desk or mail it to 2222 Laverna Ave Los Angeles, CA 90041
(Text on top of screen repeats the address)
T: Thank you for all the great information! I look forward to attending GLAD’s 50th anniversary!
M: No problem! See you there!
(Video blurs out to show the 50th anniversary flyer. It has a black background with gold text throughout. From top to bottom: the GLAD logo is in the upper left corner next to the words “invites you to share a special celebration of our 50th anniversary”. Two horizontal gold lines across the page. Below that, two paragraphs of text are separated by a vertical row of 5 gold stars.
The left paragraph reads
OCTOBER 12, 2019
11 AM – 4 PM”,
the right paragraph reads
BURBANK, CA 91506”.
The 50th anniversary logo takes up most of the space at the bottom of the flyer. The logo is a gold half circle lined with gold stars & the outer border of the circle reads GLAD. Inside the half circle is “50th” with two olive branches on the sides. At the bottom of the half circle is a ribbon that reads “*Empowerment | Equality | Inclusivity *”. On the left of the 50th anniversary logo is more details:
“Tickets before Sept 30: $75 per person
Late tickets after Sept 30:
$85 per person
Purchase tickets at:
or stop by GLAD office
or mail your payment”
To the right of the 50th anniversary logo reads
“Join as we reflect on #50yearsofGLAD with
a lunch buffet, beverages, silent
auction, & live entertainment
Questions: contact
Video fades to black.]

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