1:05 Are You A Lesbian?
1:39 What Are Your Disabilities?
5:17 Why Do You Need to Use a Straw?
7:09 Why do you have a carer?
7:56 Are You Always This Happy?
9:08 How do you deal when you are feeling down?
9:45 Are You profoundly deaf?
10:21 Why are you deaf?
10:53 How do you understand the person sitting next to you?
12:31 Can you hear your own thoughts?
12:48 Why don’t you sign in your videos anymore?
14:25 Why do you use a wheelchair?
15:31 Where can I find your clothes?
16:00 Have you always dressed in vintage?
17:06 How do I start dressing vintage?
17:19 Can you do a hair tutorial?
17:49 Do you dye your hair?
17:59 What are your favourite films?
18:25 Have you always wanted to be a YouTube?
19:18 What is your goal in life?

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